August 7, 2020

The Next Era of CSS in JavaScript

From CSS-in-JS to TSS

It's been about 2 years since I first dipped my toe in the waters of CSS-in-JS, and it's been a fun and rewarding experience.

Recently, open-source maintainers have been working hard to address the criticisms of performance and lack of portability (on top of dodging the relentless trolling by CSS gatekeepers on twitter dot com).

More and more libraries are choosing to focus on features such as:

  • Static extraction
    • to inline critical styles and CSS files.
  • Zero-runtime
  • First-class TypeScript support
  • Design Token-driven
  • Platform-agnostic
    • outputting atomic classes or config files (e.g. Tailwind)
    • native/multi-framework support

It's these fundamental changes that lead me to believe we're moving into a new era; one I like to think of as TSS.

TSS - Typed/Token-driven Style Sheets

With so many ways to write CSS in 2020, it's an exciting time to be building user-interfaces for the web.

I can't wait to see what comes next.